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RHEINZINK was founded by the companies Grillo, Stolberger Zinc together with Vereinigte Deutsche Metallwerke in 1966. Today it belongs to the Grillo group of companies and has a workforce of over 700 people. RHEINZINK has an international presence with boasting subsidiaries and sales branches all over the world.

For over 45 years the RHEINZINK Group has produced top-quality titanium zinc at its Datteln site offering different surface qualities.

The applications for RHEINZINK titanium zinc include roofing, roof dormers, facade cladding and roof drainage systems. Titanium zinc from RHEINZINK is very popular as a modern material that offers wide scope for design. Many internationally famed architects such as Daniel Libeskind, Frank O. Gehry or Zaha Hadid have discovered this material and appreciate its benefits. Thanks to its durability and high recycling rate RHEINZINK is also the preferred choice of material for classical roof drainage systems using gutters and pipes.

Innovation as a guiding principle

On a worldwide scale RHEINZINK is the Number One in manufacturing titanium zinc. When talking about titanium zinc everyone in the market is thinking about the quality standards that RHEINZINK has set. It was 45 years ago that RHEINZINK, as Europe's first manufacturer of zinc for use as a building material, replaced the traditional pack-rolling process with a brand-new technology, the wide-strip casting and rolling mill. Since then the innovation driver of this industrial sector has set several benchmarks by own developments like e.g.the pre-weathering technique. RHEINZINK has invented this technical procedure and as its inventor can solely even improve it.

For the future all competitors will be orientated towards our innovations. With our product lines RHEINZINK-CLASSIC, -artCOLOR und -prePATINA we offer a wide product portfolio. They offer you not only the largest product range of all titanium zinc manufacturers but also meet the high expectations of all our market partners. We simply follow our company slogan: ALWAYS BETTER.

Protecting the climate with a sustainable product

There are not many other materials with such a favourable environmental life cycle assessment as RHEINZINK: The amount of energy required to obtain and process zinc is extremely low. Emissions are kept to a minimum thanks to state-of-the-art production facilities. RHEINZINK products can be recycled 100%: Nowadays a third of every RHEINZINK product is made up of recycled zinc once used for construction. Following comprehensive evaluation of its entire life cycle the material RHEINZINK was certified as an environmentally friendly building product by the independent organisation Institute Construction and Environment (Institut Bauen und Umwelt e.V.- IBU) in 1999.

Versatility – appreciated by architects all over the world

International architects opt for RHEINZINK to give perfect expression to their designs. For them the great attraction of RHEINZINK as a material is the enormous variety it offers: From avant-garde to more traditional – roofs and facades made of RHEINZINK always represent a high-quality functional solution that won't date. Further enhanced by a wide range of accessories: Whether cladding for dormers, gables or chimneys, verges, roof overhangs or garage doors, RHEINZINK accessories will blend in with any architectural style and materials – they are guaranteed to be the highlight of every building.

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