Our Responsibility for the Environment

RHEINZINK, part of the Grillo Group, manufactures titanium zinc with different surface finishes for roofing and façade applications and for roof drainage systems. The company, which was founded in 1966, has manufacturing facilities in Datteln and Neulise (France) and sells its products worldwide via 29 marketing and service locations.

RHEINZINK-titanium zinc is a design-oriented and modern material valued by architects and consumers for its durability and good recyclability.

Compliance with processes and continuous improvement in the fields of environmental protection and energy efficiency are crucial aspects of RHEINZINK’s corporate activities.

Specifically, the following principles are adhered to:

  • Compliance with the relevant environmental protection regulations has top priority. There is an appropriate management system in place to ensure this.

  • We are committed to the continuous improvement of our company’s environmental aspects. We incorporate environmentally-friendly and advanced technologies to ensure sustainable handling of our resources.

  • We take the necessary measures to avoid environmental contamination. Where this is not possible, we strive to keep to a minimum of emissions that contaminate the environment and waste.

  • A sense of responsibility for environmental protection and energy efficiency is promoted in employees at all levels. Employees receive regular training and information. They are requested to contribute on an ongoing basis to improvements in environmental protection and energy efficiency.

  • With new projects, energy efficiency aspects and the possible environmental impact are taken into consideration as early on as the planning and procurement stages.

  • Particular attention is paid to the subject of energy; the energy carriers, energy users and energy consumption are all investigated and assessed. Projects to improve energy efficiency are implemented.

  • The public receives all the information required to understand the environmental impact of the company’s activities. We maintain a dialogue with customers and the public and we work closely with the authorities and institutions responsible.

  • We take precautions that guarantee that contractual partners working on our premises apply the same environmental standards as we do.

Datteln, Germany, 01/10/2015

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