RHEINZINK involved in mobile internet app "bauen - wohnen - leben 24" [building - residing - living]


RHEINZINK involved in mobile internet app "bauen - wohnen - leben24"

RHEINZINK is involved in the app bauen | wohnen | leben 24 that appeared recently. In the ROOF product area our catalogue and reference pictures offer an overview of the many design possibilities that our material offers in the area of roof coverage.

For all iPhone, iPod touch and iPad owners there is now an app, which is especially oriented towards the needs of builders, renovators and people interested in furnishing. bauen - wohnen - leben 24 is an extensive collection of current product catalogues from the area of house building as well as the furnishing sector. If you are tired of never seeing the full product range during internet research, then bauen - wohnen - leben 24 is just the right application for you.

Comfortable searching

Using precisely defined search parameters or a free text search the user can get close to a sector or access it directly. In this way you get from the roof area, to the selection of the type of roofing material, e.g. zinc directly to RHEINZINK. If the user confirms the search, a shelf is filled with all the product catalogues of RHEINZINK. They can then call up any catalogue on the shelf, look at it, share it with friends by e-mail and if desired store it on their own shelf, called "my shelf".

In this way builders, restorers, renovators, but also planners and furnishers can search for various building and living products and make their own shelf with the product requirements for the whole project or building process - from the bath to the parquet right up to the roof covering. An extensive, inspiring part with lots of room and product pictures completes the successful app.

bauen - wohnen - leben 24 is available free of charge from the App Store and is regularly updated and provided with new functions.

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