Riverside Museum is the European Museum of the Year 2013


Frontal view of Riverside Museum

Overall view of the Museum of Transport in Glasgow

The Museum of Transport in Glasgow is the European Museum of the Year 2013

The Museum of the Year was crowned in Belgium on the 18th of May. We are pleased that this title is awarded to the Museum of Transport. Riverside Museum, the Scottish Museum of Transport, was officially opened on 21 June 2011 in Glasgow and has recorded more than 2 million visitors since then. The museum designed by Zaha Hadid impresses through its spectacular architecture featuring soft, flowing forms and placed exceptionally high demands on planners and craftsmen. The building’s facades and roofs are completely clad with titanium zinc. A total of 200 tonnes of blue-grey RHEINZINK titanium zinc were installed.

Planning and realisation by Zaha Hadid

Zaha Hadid from London, winner of the Pritzker Architecture Prize, received the order for planning and realisation. She designed a building that constitutes a new attraction in the Glasgow harbour due to extraordinary architecture and unconventional design. In terms of design and layout, the new Museum of Transport, Riverside Museum, resembles a napkin that is irregularly folded and bent twice, in which the beginning and end consists of two completely glazed gables. Here the visitor starts their journey through a museum tunnel that directs the view to the essential aspects, the approximately 3,000 exhibits. There are bicycles, cars, trams, buses and locomotives to discover, as well as streets recreated true to the original, which can be experienced with all these senses. The various exhibition areas merge, just like flowing traffic on a road or the water of the River Clyde. The visible undersides of the folded napkin underscore the flow direction and lead the visitor easily through the museum.

The award for the European Museum of the Year

The European Museum Form has annually honoured a European Museum of the Year since 1977. The award is under the auspices of Queen Fabiola de Mora y Aragón of Belgium and is generally conferred in cooperation with the Council of Europe’s museum award. The jury pays particular attention to imaginative interpretation and presentation, configuration, finances, social responsibility, educational work, marketing and management. The award-winning museum receives the sculpture “The Egg” by Henry Moore for one year as an item on loan.

We sincerely congratulate the winner!

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