3rd edition of the reference book "RHEINZINK - Applications in Architecture" is available


RHEINZINK republish reference book "Applications in Architecture"

With the third, revised edition of the reference book "Applications in Architecture", RHEINZINK highlights its command of knowledge in the market sector of production and processing of building zinc.

The opening up of the inner European markets and the accompanying ever intensifying exchange of information and experience amongst architects and specialised tradesman makes it clear, even without the enforcement of European standards bodies, that there is a significant need for harmonisation in the area of applying sheet metal technology.

As far as possible, the new edition of this reference book accommodates this development. Therefore not only the various national conventions from the areas of substructure, fixtures and sheet metal technology are taken into account, rather the book also includes the results of a multitude of comparative investigations regarding application.

"Applications in Architecture" is aimed at experts as well as interested lay persons. The conception of the book complies with  this wide ranging readership , in that its graphic design with approx. 300 mostly colour photographs, approx. 300 drawings and approx. 100 tables to browse through and its structure and extensive keyword register make it possible to find out facts quickly. 

The book can be requested for a nominal fee of €52 from all RHEINZINK branches or using our contact form.

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