Roof Drainage System

Design Features for Buildings

Architectural Details

Residential house with RHEINZINK panel facade and verge cladding in preweathered blue-grey.
  • Accentuates the edges of buildings

  • High aesthetic value

  • Interesting combination of materials

  • For renovation projects and new buildings

  • Ensures the edges of roofs, chimney stacks, balcony parapets, canopies and gable claddings are maintenance-free

  • Suitable for all RHEINZINK-Facade Techniques such as the Angled Standing Seam, Tiles, SP-Line, Facade Systems

  • Environmentally friendly building product

Design Features for Buildings

It is often the details that make life so exciting and add variety. And it is often the details that make an architectural design look so attractive. With RHEINZINK you are literally building on an abundance of such appealing features – always offering something new, always holding a surprise in store. While harmonising with virtually every material to create a stylish design every time. RHEINZINK's discreet aesthetic appeal never vies with other materials, but blends in whatever the architectural environment. Whether gables, chimneys, canopies, dormers or the edges of a roof – you can set accents at roof level virtually anywhere.

And RHEINZINK has plenty to offer elsewhere in the building – always coming with new ideas. Highlight this, emphasise that: your front door, a special feature of the building, an entire area. Whatever you fancy! The stylish mix of different materials lets you add new accents again and again, giving expression to your personal taste with the addition of architectural details. 

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Architectural Details (Brochure)
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