Roof Drainage System

Design Features for Buildings

Click Roll Cap

Several residential houses with zinc roof, RHEINZINK Click Roll Cap in preweathered blue-grey
  • Perfectly fitting components: RHEINZINK-Click Roll Cap Fastener, Ridge Termination Cap (widened), Eaves Termination Cap

  • Time-saving surface assembly

  • Rainproof longitudinally seamed joint with a min. pitch of 3°

  • Wooden rail replacement including clips and continuous cleats

  • Lengths up to 25 m

  • Calculation simplified thanks to high level of pre-finishing

RHEINZINK-Click Roll Cap

The strip system is considered as the most traditional metal covering technique still in use today. With the RHEINZINK-Click Rool Cap System, panels and caps can be produced ex works up to a length of 6 m in a single process. For longer sections mobile roll shapers are available for hire. The RHEINZINK-Click Roll Cap is also available in the standard length 3 m. The system is suitable for roof pitches of min. 3° without any need for additional sealing. When subject to higher requirements, structured underlay or weather/rain-proof underlays are essential.

The Click Roll Cap fastener, made of 1.0 mm thick galvanised steel, replaces the earlier wooden rail plus clips and continuous cleats: the fastener also functions as the fixing profile for the panels and roll cap carrier. At the lower end the roll cap flares out to allow the individual caps to overlap slightly. In conjunction with the factory pre-finished ridge and eaves termination means that assembly has been significantly rationalised with the Click Roll Cap fastener.

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