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RHEINZINK sheets and coils

We have been manufacturing high-quality RHEINZINK sheets and coils "Made in Germany" since the1960s, and they are meanwhile used all over the world. Our semi-finished products are manufactured at our rolling mill in Datteln according to the specifications of EN 988 "Specifications for zinc and zinc alloy".

Sheets and coils are the basic material used for our roof and facade systems as well as our complete roof drainage programme. Given the practical options for processing and design offered by our product, many installers use our sheets and coils when producing their own flashings and roof / facade profiles. There are standard metal thicknesses available from 0.65 mm to 1.0 mm and on request up to 1.5 mm.

The selection of measurements on offer here is huge. Whether sheets up to 6 m in length, coils weighing as much as 5 tonnes or perforated sheets or expanded metal, we can make most things possible for your project. Just get in touch with us.

QUALITY ZINC - The quality benchmark for zinc as a building material

RHEINZINK undergoes continuous external monitoring by the inspection body TÜV Rheinland. This recognised German certification company has developed its own quality label for zinc as a building material. A catalogue of quality criteria lists all characteristic data for the material and permitted tolerances for the quality of the semi-finished product (coils and sheets).

Monitoring is carried out four times per year by an inspector from TÜV Rheinland, who arrives at the plant unannounced. Inspection focuses on the quality characteristics going beyond the requirements of the standard, e.g. reduced deviation in the permitted thickness of only ±0.020 mm, reduced length / width tolerances of +2.0/-0 mm and increased proof stress (Rp 0.2).

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