RHEINZINK optimiert ständig und fühlt sich ökonomisch nachhaltig verpflichtet: Energiemanagement, Wasser-Ressourcen und Workflow-Verbesserungen

Economic Sustainability

For us, economic sustainability is also about preserving and increasing physical capital. It is our stated goal to keep our knowledge level and our image at a high level. The same applies for our environmental management according to the international environmental management standard ISO 14001, our energy management system according to ISO 50001, for our water management system and our innovative spirit.

During the past years our internal ecoprofit team has carried out the following projects:

  • Energy savings of about 4.000 megawatt hours with the help of energy efficiency projects during the past 5 year. That equals 2.360 t CO2 emissions or the annual, energy related CO2 emissions of ca. 400 two-person households.

  • Reduction of the annual water consumption by 20% with the help of an industrial water usage system.

  • Investments in energy-related and environmental projects during the last 4 years up to EUR 800.000 EUR.
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