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House by the lake - Residential building

House by the lake - Residential building

Oudega Wymbritseradiel, Netherlands


Klapwijk Houtbouw

Design Architect

Studio Nauta

Supervising Architect

Studio Embla


R. Terpstra Daktechniek
The Netherlands

Technical Specifications

Roof: 500 m² 3 t Angled Standing Seam System

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The house by the lake as a quiet bridge between living and nature

The House by the Lake in Oudega in the Netherlands invites its inhabitants to return, amidst the rapid change and fast pace of our society, to a simple way of life where fire is at the centre of our most intimate living space. Thus, the kitchen of this two-part property forms the heart and a connecting space between the two volumes, which can be lived in separately or as a large whole. The long, low block with its two fireplaces at either end and wide panoramic views over the lake invites decelerated togetherness. "The house should be suitable for a variety of uses - it should not feel big when occupied by just one person, nor small when fully occupied by 15 people," says Jan Nauta, architect and founder of Studio Nauta. The large house with its modest form perfectly reflects the horizontality of the Frisian landscape. The architect's biggest challenge was to respect this natural location and create a visual connection to the lake, the village with its church tower and a distant windmill. RHEINZINK prePATINA blue-grey was therefore chosen for the roof of the residential building. A total of 3 tonnes of titanium zinc were installed using the angled standing seam system. The building thus blends harmoniously into its surrounding landscape and forms a true symbiosis with nature.