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Training on the site? Want to look up the execution of details on YouTube? No problem with RHEINZINK-Interactive. The combination of live webinars and tutorial videos is designed to help you quickly remember craft work that you haven't done in a long time.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Flexible & easy
  • From home, on the site & in the office
  • Easily accessible at any time
  • From experts for experts


In our webinars, our trainers show you the practical execution of a typical plumbing detail in just 30 minutes. Simply join us on your mobile phone, laptop or tablet and ask the trainers your questions about the presented detail. What are you waiting for? Join us and learn details about many exciting topics! You can't attend a webinar but still want to know what's shown? No problem, we publish a recording right after each webinar.

Note: Our webinars are only available in German.

Available webinars



Ridge saddleYouTube Interactive-Playlist
Pent roof flattened seam on diagonal ridge formationYouTube Interactive-Playlist
Copings - outside corner UDSYouTube Interactive-Playlist
Cross seam as simple seamYouTube Interactive-Playlist
Cross seam as simple seam part 2YouTube Interactive-Playlist
Plug in gutter outlet - gutter cut out & CoYouTube Interactive-Playlist
Joint and copingsYouTube Interactive-Playlist
Connections - solderingYouTube Interactive-Playlist
Square tilesYouTube Interactive-Playlist

Upcoming events

19 February 2021Short run cross seam as Simple seam – pocket versionYouTube Interactive-Playlist
26 February 2021Short run cross seam as simple seam with cut outsYouTube Interactive-Playlist
4 March 2021Webinar 11: Cross seam as folded extra seamYouTube Interactive-Playlist
5 March 2021Short run cross seam with continuous soldered seamYouTube Interactive-Playlist
1st April 2021Webinar 12: Valley connections part 1 - seamed ridge saddleYouTube Interactive-Playlist
2nd April 2021Short run segment valley part 1YouTube Interactive-Playlist
9 April 2021Short run segment valley part 2YouTube Interactive-Playlist
16 April 2021Short run segment valley part 3YouTube Interactive-Playlist
23rd April 2021Lateral window abutmentsYouTube Interactive-Playlist
6 May 2021Webinar 13: Clipfix-clips and clip-dimensioning oder clip-spacingYouTube Interactive-Playlist
21 May 2021Short run facade break point - part 1YouTube Interactive-Playlist
18 June 2021Short run facade break point - part 2YouTube Interactive-Playlist
16 July 2021Reviso cover sleeve with penetrated pipeYouTube Interactive-Playlist
13 August 2021Sconce with a templateYouTube Interactive-Playlist


Especially if you haven't carried out a certain detail for a long time, a short YouTube tutorial can be helpful to refresh your memory. No problem. From now on, you can find assistance in RHEINZINK tutorials on YouTube in the RHEINZINK-Interactive playlist. Various videos will shortly show you how to carry out the plumbing details listed below.


Pipe vent

Window sill with folded end

Downpipe elbow

Wall corner seamed, shop

Wall corner seamed on building site

Eaves termination (standing straight)

Eaves termination (standing round)

Eaves termination (standing diagonal)

Chimney (front panel)

Chimney (side panel)

Chimney (neck plate)

Chimney cladding - standing seam

In addition to our digital training world, we still offer practical training at our training centre, at your workplace or on the construction site.

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