Customised refurbishment

A roof or façade renovation is always a complex and at the same time a very individual project. Whether saving heating costs, optimised protection of the roof or an extension of the living space is desired: RHEINZINK offers premium roof and façade systems in various designs and for a wide range of applications. We give a 40-year guarantee on the natural material RHEINZINK, so the material's durability alone makes it ideal for renovating buildings. The materials are not subject to heavy wear and tear and also retain their value over time. Moreover, the fact that they are maintenance-free means that there are no additional expenses or unexpected costs in the long term. The following examples show customised and sophisticated renovation solutions with RHEINZINK.

Interview with architect Ralf Breuer

A renovated multi-generation home is located on the very edge of a residential area, adjacent to a forest in the town of Düsseldorf. The old existing building – a very large structure – was preserved as well as possible, and nevertheless the house now shines forth in a high-quality, harmonious guise. Among other architectural elements, the material combination of the titanium-zinc roof and the clinker façade are also responsible for this. We asked the architect in charge, Ralf Breuer, about the challenges involved in such a renovation and the advantages that come with it. We also wanted to know what the huge glass dormer is all about.

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MoSaC’s new planetarium dome

A hemispheric dome, clad in more than 1,500 RHEINZINK-prePATINA ECO ZINC graphite-grey flat-lock tiles, prominently crowns the new planetarium’s roof at Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) Museum of Science and Curiosity (MoSaC, pronounced “moe-sack”). The project is anticipated to open Nov. 13, 2021. In September, it was honored with a 2021 Best Real Estate Projects of the Year award by the Sacramento Business Journal.

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A vacation home in Ouddorp, Zeeland, Netherlands

A vacation home in Ouddorp, Zeeland, shines in new splendor. But it is not only the new, high-quality appearance that is convincing and has an inviting effect on potential guests. The roof made of RHEINZINK prePATINA ECO ZINC blue-grey guarantees sustainability and safety in bad weather. This is because the old roof made of bitumen shingles was leaking, letting water and cold into what was actually a cozy shelter. Using the standing seam system, the zinc coulters were installed and now skillfully complete the look of the building's renovation.

With RHEINZINK in the surface quality prePATINA ECO ZINC blue-grey, the choice fell on a material that promises longevity. Our pre-weathering process creates the blue-grey appearance of the zinc patina ex works and allows the natural patina process to take place afterwards. In addition, all natural surface properties are retained, including the self-healing effect of the high-quality material. Assembly-related scratches are compensated by the formation of the protective patina. So the vacation home in the Netherlands not only received a new look. The sustainable method of renovation was also chosen to solve the problems of the leaking roof.

Refurbishment instead of destruction - with prePATINA ECO ZINC

In order to reduce its CO2 emissions, the ROCKWOOL Group has launched an ambitious refurbishment programme: The office buildings are to be refurbished in such a way that energy consumption worldwide will be reduced by 75% by 2030 compared to 2015. The company headquarters in Gladbeck was so cleverly renovated, extended and redesigned in terms of energy efficiency that the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB) awarded the building gold.

The criteria assessed included the CO2 emissions caused by the use of the building, the environmental compatibility of the building materials used and the consumption of resources for their production.

For ROCKWOOL, it was also important to modernise in such a way that as much construction waste as possible would be avoided in the future. Therefore, building materials and constructions were chosen that can be separated and recycled when they are dismantled. For the cladding of the extension, the decision was made to use RHEINZINK tiles in the prePATINA ECO ZINC blue-grey surface quality.

From silo to residential building

In a former industrial area in Utrecht, the Netherlands, the modern residential tower "Meyster's buiten" was created from a former silo. The façade was clad with RHEINZINK-prePATINA ECO ZINC blue-grey, which not only ensures an attractive appearance, but also scores points when it comes to sustainability: the façade can survive wind and weather for many decades.

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