A LOOK BACK TO THE FUTURE - A retrospective

Zinc is natural and functional. Zinc is beautiful and sustainable. Zinc is a creative and visionary material. And zinc is timeless – with an endurable aesthetic – an everlasting solution. Take a look at the impressive, embossed zinc rooftops of Paris. Or the grandiose use of zinc in Berlin by neoclassical “star architects”, created with magnificent vision by the likes of Karl-Friedrich Schinkel.


When the famous museum building was erected in 1985 on Cologne's most prominent site, the task was to convert 260,000 cubic meters of space. A volume as large as the neighboring cathedral. In 2001, the last extension was completed and the renowned collection of the Museum Ludwig could be adequately presented. The urban highlight owes its effect to the facade clad with RHEINZINK material. In harmonious combination with glass, it extends in part to the base of the building. The renowned architects, Busmann & Haberer, also succeeded in setting the scene perfectly with the carefully articulated structure, which is already evident in the shed roofs clad with RHEINZINK. Today, RHEINZINK complements the aged gray of Cologne Cathedral as timelessly as it does confidently.

At that time, the incipient patina formation of the RHEINZINK façade, executed in "bright-rolled", was clearly visible. Today, the dominant outer skin has taken on the typical blue-grey patina and is thus becoming more and more similar to the awe-inspiring cathedral.


Building board

Year: 1985

Planning: Busmann & Haberer Arch. BDA, Cologne

Construction Management: ARGE Dipl.-Ing., Freie Architekten v. Waldegg u. Grützmacher, Cologne

Roofing/Sheet Metal Contractor: Kessler & Koolen, Jacobs, Aachen/Düsseldorf

Specifications: Facade/Roofing: 7000 m2, 51.8 t, RHEINZINK-CLASSIC bright-rolled, angled standing seam system


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