RHEINZINK – more than simply gutter, pipe and building envelope

What motivates us is to develop products which are good for people, the environment and thus for the future. We have an excellent foundation with our natural material. But we want more.

CLASSIC and prePATINA our most natural product lines.

How do you like it? Naturally weathered by nature, but with a visually irregular appearance over a longer period of time? Then our RHEINZINK-CLASSIC product line is the perfect choice.

Or do you prefer a visually homogeneous appearance right from the start? With our prePATINA line, the typical zinc patina in blue-grey or graphite-grey is already available ex works, replacing the natural process which often takes years to achieve. The material is neither painted nor permanently coated and all the natural properties of the material, such as the self-healing effect or the high recyclability, are retained.


For your health: lead-free soldering

The technique of soft soldering is part of the 101 of building plumbing. With our lead-free solder, we offer a genuine contribution to occupational safety. This is because no lead-containing waste gases are produced during processing, which can lead to health problems. The composition is perfectly tailored to our material and, together with the right flux, guarantees a durable connection.


Material mix

Zinc is the perfect companion with other materials. Be it wood, clinker, stone, plaster or glass: contrast creates class. The grey surface is restrained, but likes to add that little bit extra. Sounds interesting? Ask us for a sample and hold the panel against the desired material that you would like to combine. You will see that it fits!


Extensions to existing buildings

The continued use of existing buildings, their renovation, conversion and further construction makes sense in terms of sustainable architecture. Existing resources are used and energy consumption is lower than with demolition and new construction. RHEINZINK titanium zinc is a material that can take a lot and is sustainable by nature. As an all-rounder, it likes things steep and flat, on roofs and façades, folded or edged, and as a lightweight it is a genuine option for safe and aesthetic cladding, for example in the case of extensions. We have collected some further megatrends in architecture and how they can be realised with our material as a special topic.



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