RHEINZINK surface design

Advantages of surface design

  • Varied surface design options based on RHEINZINK facade systems
  • Special shaping using seams, curves, embossing or perforations
  • Fascinating effects created using artificial or natural light
  • Natural surface

Surface design solutions are impressive in the long term

RHEINZINK is renowned amongst architects, planners and specialist companies as an innovative and experienced producer of facade design systems. We have the perfect solution for creating attractive, striking and cost-effective wall designs for every project and every building. Facades and facade designs created by planners and architects are subject to particularly strict requirements for large projects or projects of national significance. Our titanium zinc can be used to create special surface designs on the basis of modern facade technology. For instance, you can generate unique facades by forming seams, curves, embossing or perforations. Natural or artificial light can also be employed to influence the appearance of a facade in the long term.

RHEINZINK surface design features

Various further facade design options are possible based on our versatile facade systems. These options can create an individual character when combined with striking wall design:

  • Individual facade elements can be given unique forms with seams, curves, embossing or perforations.
  • When combined with the carefully planned use of natural and artificial light, stunning effects can be created. These include patterns of light and shade.

So, as planners, architects or specialist companies, your creative scope is huge when using all our surface design options. RHEINZINK would be glad to help you to find out about our system options and integrate them into your plans. Useful information and examples can be downloaded at any time to make this as easy as possible.

Examples of special surface designs

Interesting examples of innovative and modern surface design can be found in the relevant brochures. These also describe the available options. One popular method of creating a stunning effect on a facade is to use perforated individual facade elements. These are already unusual and striking when taken as separate components. However, comprehensive facade design usually has more than merely aesthetic purposes. Instead, facades have the following functions:

  • The materials and components display the highest level of creative quality in their own right.
  • In combination with what lies hidden behind the facade, a facade protects the building structure below from wind and weather and so prolongs the service life and energy efficiency of the building.
  • Our clearly defined components facilitate flexibility and individuality as they can be adapted to suit your ideas with ease.

RHEINZINK cooperates with planners, architects and specialist companies who specialise in the professional and exceptional further processing of metal. In this way, we ensure the success of the surface design and production of individual facade elements. Our motto is: You have the ideas, we have the perfect solution!

We clearly define the options provided by the various facade systems. Our programme of products is likewise clear and easy to understand. In this way, you are always aware of which products you can use. This reduces the complexity of planning tasks considerably without lowering the quality. Furthermore, we provide useful planning aids, samples and a visualisation service that you can use to convince your clients still further. Our team is available to advise and assist you if you require custom solutions. Our facade systems are optimised with regard to installation. The attachment technology has been thoroughly tested and facilitates rapid and consequently low-cost assembly.

Our team is on hand to answer any questions you may have by telephone or via email. You can also get a first-hand look at our facade systems by visiting a specialist dealer. We look forward to hearing from you without obligation.

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