Is zinc a good building material?

Zinc is a sustainable material. As a building material, precisely defined portions of titanium and copper are added to it, and so the resulting titanium zinc material proves to be a material with a long service life due to its versatility, recyclability, elasticity and durability.

The advantages of zinc at a glance

Zinc is natural

Zinc is a natural material, similar to wood. From an ecological point of view, the material is very valuable and sustainable. Building elements made of zinc have a service life of up to 200 years. RHEINZINK used on buildings can be completely recycled and reused. This is why the natural material has been popular in architecture for centuries.

Zinc is durable

In our consumer and throwaway society, a new counter-trend has developed in recent years: The search for quality and durability - values that the material zinc fulfils 100%.

In the course of time, zinc forms a matt grey protective layer, the so-called patina, as part of the natural weathering process. This provides the material with lasting protection against the effects of weathering and corrosion. In addition, it naturally compensates for any scratches and thus ensures that the material is nearly maintenance-free. When professionally installed, RHEINZINK is not only extremely durable but almost immortal, which is why it is very cost-efficient over its entire life cycle.

Zinc is beautiful

Zinc is increasingly being chosen not only because of its environmental friendliness but also because of its appearance. Especially the combination of natural materials such as zinc and wood gives your home an individual look. The surface convinces with its noble-looking metal character - whether in its original variant CLASSIC bright rolled or in the naturally pre-weathered variants prePATINA blue-grey and slate-grey.

For those who like it colourful, we also offer our zinc sheets in seven different colours as standard. So with zinc on your own home, you set visual highlights and give it an individual appearance with unique flair. 


Zinc is versatile

Zinc is found everywhere in our everyday lives - whether in car manufacturing, in medicine, in creams or as part of our clothing. In addition, zinc sheets are popular for roofs, facades or roof drainage, as they can be easily and arbitrarily shaped, but at the same time are very resilient. They can adapt to geometric shapes as well as organically curved lines and thus offer you countless design possibilities.

The choice of a building material hinges on many factors, such as its environmental friendliness, its appearance, its application possibilities and, of course, its cost.

Choose the building material titanium zinc and benefit from a number of advantages!

You can also read more about zinc on the website of  Initiative Zink.

RHEINZINK – More than just a sustainable material

Hardly any other material is as versatile and diverse in use as our RHEINZINK. We also have an extensive range of products for façades, roofs and roof drainage products, all of which are of unparalleled quality and certified by TÜV Rheinland. RHEINZINK impresses with its durability, stability, naturalness and almost maintenance-free properties. 



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