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Zinc has been used as a construction material for over 150 years. The range of applications is huge and spans both small individual parts and entire facade or roofing solutions. Your ideas can be turned into reality by a single company, thanks to our extensive programme of roofing options. Zinc, and particularly the titanium zinc developed by RHEINZINK, is experiencing a veritable surge in popularity. This is because roofing products and roofing solutions made from titanium zinc are superior to classic roof systems in many ways.

Using our roofing options is particularly advantageous as our programme includes not only roofing products but also numerous architectural details and options for integrating solar systems. In this way, planners or architects can respond to clients' wishes very flexibly without this imposing a heavy workload on you. We provide a wide range of individual roofing solutions for particularly unusual requests in addition to our standard roofing options, that are also available in different versions.

RHEINZINK roof products: Modern, innovative, long-lasting


Architectural details

Roof system accessories

Discover our roofing references with RHEINZINK

The degree to which you employ our roofing products depends significantly on your customers' wishes. Replacing roofs with our roofing solutions could be said to form the basis of your work. Here, you can choose between different classic and new systems with an attractive range of services:

The underlying system technology is also significant. Thanks to optimised technology, assembly and installation take minimal effort. Even large roof surfaces can be completed swiftly whilst still fulfilling the highest standards. Our architectural details are especially popular for those planning new buildings or refurbishments.

Custom versions of the following products are available as required:

  • Roof edges, fascias and upstands
  • Wall copings and verge flashing
  • Chimney and gable casing
  • Elements for balconies and porches

Roofs and attics are neglected building sections in many older buildings. Attics or lofts are often only rarely used building sections with low levels of comfort. However, attics and roofs can be renovated using modern roofing products to provide high-quality living space. Annoying sloping ceilings are a thing of the past with suitable dormers, balconies or porches and create additional living space in existing buildings. As they are products from our roofing product range, they can be effortlessly integrated and connected securely to the roof surfaces.


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