Zinc - the perfect material for architects and planners

Quality, identity, focus on the essentials - under these aspects, planners and architects also subject the material of a project to critical review. In a survey, cost, longevity, availability, sustainability and maintenance were mentioned as the factors that play a significant role in choosing the appropriate material.

Cost efficiency

The quality of a product is crucial, even when calculating costs. Inexpensive materials can become expensive in the long run due to foreseeable repairs. Therefore, architects and planners prefer products where service life and benefits are in line with costs and which protect a building in the long term. RHEINZINK-titanium zinc is a material with low-to-no maintenance. 


Different climatic conditions require the right materials. Materials that are resistant to environmental influences, adapt to weather and climate conditions and thus have the required durability. Therefore, the opinion of experts who understand their material and know how the material reacts is also essential here. Consult our specialists, they will give you competent advice regarding the areas of application and conditions of our durable titanium zinc. The protective patina that forms on the zinc surface over time ensures an extremely long life expectancy.


The natural zinc resources as well as the almost one hundred percent recycling of our valuable material, also make the material interesting for architects and planners with regard to its availability. This is because the secure supply of building materials, among other things, also determines the financial burden and the time required for the work. Materials that are only available locally and are also difficult to transport result in a more intensive expenditure of time as well as higher costs.


In terms of sustainable construction, planners and architects attach great importance to materials that can be reused. Our titanium zinc is equipped with self-healing properties and is therefore extremely durable, with low maintenance, 100% recyclable and produced in an environmentally friendly manner. The excellent environmental balance is based on the low CO2 impact during production and the low energy input during extraction and processing. Each of our products also consists of up to 30% secondary material. Numerous certifications, such as the Cradle to Cradle certificate, attest to our responsible approach to nature.


Product quality naturally also affects maintenance, which is an important basis for the selection of building materials. High-quality products generally require less maintenance, and RHEINZINK in particular has proven to be extremely low in maintenance and durable. For example, quite a few historic buildings prove that their zinc roofs are completely intact after more than 200 years, without any significant maintenance. The attractive zinc surface is thus not only more cost-effective in the long term, but also adds value to a building.

Source: https://www.archemea.com/


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