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Roof edge profiles

RHEINZINK offers different system solutions for many conditions. However, when designing architectural elements and accessories, it is not only a roof or the facade that play important roles but also the typical roof architecture that every building possesses.  A harmonious overall image can only be created if the roof architecture matches the facades or roof elements. Therefore, our roof architecture program also includes a wide range of facade details and architectural roof details that you, as planners or architects, can use as the ideal complement to integrate certain building parts into the overall concept.

Our roofing applications provide solutions to meet most challenges.  

Why architectural details are so important

Roof and architectural façade cladding make up the majority of the area on most all projects, but it’s also the details that have a marked effect on the building’s appearance.  Details often bring architecture to life and can make a substantial difference to the overall look.  For some buildings, these details can be found as roof edges, wall copings, chimney and gable casings or dormer details for balconies or porches that architects and designers aim to integrate into the overall building’s aesthetic.  

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