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Shijiazhuang City Museum

Shijiazhuang City Museum

Shijiazhuang City, China


Zhaohui Feng - Hutuo New Area Investment and Development Co. Ltd


Fanming Yan- HHDESIGN


Jinzhong Su - Shijiazhuang Housing Development and Construction Group Co. Ltd

Technical Specifications

Roof: 8,000 m² 65 t Double Standing Seam

Facade: 15,000 m² 80 t Angled Standing Seam System

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Uniting past and future

The theme of the design concept of the Shijiazhuang City Museum in the Chinese province of Hebei is: "A city by people for people". It is meant to represent the development of the entire city of Shijiazhuang from the past to the future.  The museum thus combines the city's history, present and visions, which are presented to visitors in impressive art.

The architects of the equally impressive building wanted to take up the theme of the museum, i.e. the unification of past and future, with their project and materials. On the one hand, the Shijiazhuang City Museum is a landmark of the region, reflecting the local culture and the characteristics of the current era, which is why the durability of the building materials was one of the decisive points for the clients and architects. On the other hand, the aspect of a sustainable future should be included in the concept. This combination is perfectly possible with RHEINZINK titanium zinc.

In addition, the chosen product line, RHEINZINK prePATINA blue-grey, is characterised by unique self-healing, self-cleaning and subsequent low maintenance. The choice of titanium zinc for the roof of the large building, and partially also for the façade, creates a modern temperament as a mix of materials with concrete. At the same time, the surfaces complement each other with the same naturally structured effect.