RHEINZINK is Architects' Darling

For the ninth consecutive year, manufacturers in the construction industry were put through their paces: Who offers architects and planners the best offer?

In the end, RHEINZINK was awarded gold in the exterior wall cladding/facade category and silver in the roofing/sloping roof and best reference project categories.

More than 2,000 architects and planners took part in the largest survey of the industry in Germany and assessed the range of products and services offered by the construction industry. On 7 November 2019 the time had come. Representatives of the construction industry gathered in Celle in Lower Saxony for the industry meeting "Celler Werktag" - a proven tradition of Heinze GmbH. During the day an exciting programme of lectures took place, but in the evening it was highly festive. At a gala award ceremony, the favourite architects in the various product areas were announced and honoured. Those who received the ARCHITECTS' DARLING® award this evening can now impressively prove that they are among the most sought-after suppliers in Germany for the most important decision-makers in the construction sector.