So steep, so good - Pitched roof with RHEINZINK

The pitched roof is experiencing a renaissance and is becoming the new ‘darling’ of the construction scene. Interpreted in a modern way, it harbours enormous creative potential. Many fascinating examples of contemporary architecture now show just how innovative, timeless and architecturally valuable a pitched roof can be. As a ‘fifth façade’, it is an exciting design element that emphasises the individuality of each building and generates unconventional shapes.

Beyond the mainstream

As the original form of all roofs, the pitched roof also has a cultural dimension in addition to spatial and aesthetic aspects. This is characterised by traditions as well as local and landscape-defining conditions. Design concepts that emphasise the interplay of function and form, materiality and detail as well as light and space create new space for architecture. The result is an independent, avant-garde culture that takes a clear stance on the social and urban context. And presents itself beyond a pleasing mainstream.


Attractive perspectives under the pitched roof: additional living space is created here with special viewing angles, impressive room dimensions and multi-faceted lighting moods. New living space is created, which in its visual conciseness is understood as a statement of homely modernity.  And flexibly adapts to the different life cycles of the residents, continuing the history of the building in its emotional function.

Sustainability at the Top

In the interplay of sun, light and vegetation, pitched roofs harbour great potential for making the world a little more sustainable. There are economical and creative ways of integrating renewable energy sources into the roof surface. Solar collectors, photovoltaic modules or even skylights can be elegantly and unobtrusively integrated at the top; modern systems can be almost invisible and add lasting value to the property.

Climate change

Increasing heavy rainfall events and storms present planners with new ecological challenges in times of climate change. Pitched roofs have proven to be an intelligent solution, as their structural stability enables them to withstand high loads from hail or snow. The pitched roof also guarantees that precipitation is quickly drained away and the structure is not affected by waterlogging. Strong winds or storms are broken at the roof ridge, which greatly reduces the suction forces on the side facing away from the wind.

The story goes on

The pitched roof can look back on 2000 years of history. But the story is not over yet, this classic roof shape is still full of innovation and originality. Giving it new space, adding modern or unconventional elements, combines progressive architecture with living tradition.


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