PRISMO brushed white+ - Innovation made in Germany

After many years of research and development, we are now proud to be able to launch a new product on the market. With RHEINZINK-PRISMO brushed white+, we are introducing an innovative material surface with an elegant whitish finish that still retains the natural touch that has always characterised RHEINZINK.

Innovative material surface with whitish finish

PRISMO brushed white+ is a new, innovative material surface that stands out from other building materials thanks to its unique appearance. The light-coloured, brushed finish gives the naturalness of the material a high-quality look. The originally bare areas develop a natural patina over time, which enhances the characteristic appearance.

Multiple combination options

The application possibilities of the new RHEINZINK surface are manifold. With its timelessly beautiful aesthetics, PRISMO brushed white+ blends skilfully into any building project and offers a wide range of combination options with other materials. For a customised design that makes a lasting impression.

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An innovation made in Germany: the material surface is extremely resistant to environmental influences. It can withstand climatic conditions and thus minimises maintenance requirements. The durable titanium zinc also gives every project a characteristic look.

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