RHEINZINK is Madaster Innovation Partner in the Madaster ecosystem

Madaster is the global cadastre for materials, buildings and infrastructures. With RHEINZINK, additional expertise in building products, digital processes and innovative construction for new build and refurbishment is integrated to enable property owners to realise circular buildings and promote the reuse of materials.

In order to advance the circular economy in the construction and real estate industry, a digital cadastre is needed. In this, all necessary information on materials is stored in an online cloud platform. Through a so-called "one-stop access point", users can provide information on the environmental impact of a product or asset, as well as health, regulatory and financial decision support over the life cycle of the object.
Madaster is an online platform for materials. It creates transparency on material values and provides a trusted source of data. At the same time, it establishes an ecosystem that brings together products, architects, project developers, banks, asset managers and the public sector in marketplaces. RHEINZINK is another partner using the Madaster platform in Germany.

"We understand and live sustainability. In order to create and permanently document this, digitalisation is indispensable. We see a great advantage in the creation of a digital database by Madaster: by indicating the building materials used, buildings become raw material warehouses and show availability - an essential register in the prevailing scarcity of raw materials, which is carefully managed by Madaster and provides an overview of which products have been used where, as well as their status and service life. This makes a significant contribution to improving the future recycling rate," explains Carsten Beier, Managing Director of Sales & Marketing at RHEINZINK GmbH & Co. KG.

The sustainability of RHEINZINK products and processes is a central aspect of the company's activities and is firmly anchored in its corporate strategy. As a natural material, zinc is very valuable and sustainable from an ecological point of view. Building elements for roofs, façades and roof drainage made of RHEINZINK have a service life of over 100 years. RHEINZINK-brand titanium zinc used on buildings can be completely recycled and reused. 

Recycling management is a topic identified by the company as essential: during renovation measures or after the use phase of a building, materials can be collected separately without any problems and fed into the recycling process without any time-consuming preparation. "Only a few materials can be recycled as effectively as titanium zinc. The continuous reuse without loss of quality is a significant plus point in terms of climate neutrality and sustainability. As a material cadastre, Madaster supports this recycling process by transparently displaying the product and its path from input to output. product and its path from installation to dismantling," says Dr. Patrick Bergmann, Managing Director of Madaster Germany. "We are therefore very pleased that RHEINZINK has become a Madaster Innovation Partner and that we can work together to implement an effective circular economy in Germany."