A-GIRL’S CO. LTD. headquarters

An architectural highlight is located in the Japanese city of Wakayama, not far from Osaka. The construction of the new headquarters of the textile company A-GIRL´S CO. LTD. started in 2022 and the building was completed in the same year. In addition to the exceptional architecture, the material mix of prePATINA ECO ZINC, wood and concrete make the building particularly impressive. The building, constructed using RHEINZINK material, houses offices, an exhibition area and a shop.

Key Facts

Timeless aesthetics in architecture with RHEINZINK

The cube-like building complex consists of a steel frame, which was completely covered with RHEINZINK prePATINA ECO ZINC blue-grey. The roof was covered with the double standing seam system. The office and exhibition building consists of a steel and concrete construction. The area facing the courtyard has a wooden covering. In terms of aesthetics, the concrete bridge contributes to the visual connection between the two structures. The combination of zinc and concrete creates an interesting contrast in textures and colours. Together with the trees in the courtyard, a small oasis was created here, protected by strong blocks of buildings that blend harmoniously into the overall picture.

The property stands out in particular due to its striking cubist architecture. Some of the buildings can be viewed from several perspectives simultaneously. This creates a special dynamic and the viewer has the feeling of constantly discovering new facets of the building. The Japanese architect Kiyoshi Sey Takeyama has created a unique company building with his individual style, representing the company A-GIRL’S CO. LTD. in an extraordinary way. The versatility of the materials, which the client deliberately chose, is to reflect the company’s broad portfolio. The combination of wood, concrete and zinc was chosen for this purpose. It was also important that a local type of wood was used. This is Kishu cedar wood, favoured in Japan due to its excellent colouring and strength.

A Special installation method

The zinc building has a special characteristic appearance. The sides, which impressively rise up at a steep angle, are supported by the diagonal arrangement of the large tiles. This gives the building a visual structure. The large trapezoidal tile allows for individual installation and can be used vertically, horizontally or diagonally. This results in impressive visual presence, enclosing the building almost perfectly.

RHEINZINK in a mix of materials

Zinc, concrete & wood

The diversity of prePATINA ECO ZINC

Not only the material, but also the colour of prePATINA ECO ZINC blue-grey blends harmoniously in combination with concrete and wood. The different surfaces complement each other perfectly: while zinc is fine and smooth, concrete tends to be rough and brittle. The wood brings warmth and symbolises the connection to nature. Together, they add up to a modern combination for the architecture of the future to meet aesthetic demands.

More about the japanese textile company


A family-owned company established in 1972 with its
registered office in Wakayama, Japan.
It enjoys worldwide trust by leading fashion designers
for innovative high-end textiles.

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The product portfolio

A-Girl's Co. LTD. offers, amongst other things,
textiles knitted with circular machines. These are created
using a special technical process fabrics are made from
indian suvin cotton, cotton yarn, cashmere and wool.


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