Sustainability is one of the most inflationary terms today – but also one of the most important.

The ever-growing human race can only maintain an environment worth living in if it effectively reduces the consumption of resources. Thanks to its outstanding properties, RHEINZINK titanium zinc is not only sustainable, but the definition of sustainability. It is extremely durable, can be 100% recycled in a highly efficient way and has always had a small carbon footprint.

RHEINZINK has been committed to constantly increasing the sustainability of the material for more than 50 years. What others are just discovering as an innovation has been RHEINZINK’s sustainable building material for over 50 years: Titanium zinc as a material of excellence for an architecture of sustainability. For the future of building. For more inspiring possibilities.

Aesthetics that last.

Only a truly durable material can also be sustainable. If a building made of RHEINZINK could speak, it would have a lot to tell. Because RHEINZINK products have a service life of around 100 years, so, basically, an eternal life. During conversion work or after the use phase of a building, the sustainable building materials can easily be collected separately and fed into the recycling process.

RHEINZINK & Durability

Aesthetics that return.

As a sustainable building material, titanium zinc is almost 100% recyclable without any loss of quality and is therefore part of the material cycle again and again. RHEINZINK products are not consumed, they are used. Afterwards, they always come back to life – in a new form, on a new building, in a new application. Titanium zinc can be recycled an infinite number of times. In fact 100% of it. It is already a player in a regenerative system of true circular economy, while this is still being pursued elsewhere.

RHEINZINK & Recycling

prePATINA ECO ZINC in figures

Aesthetics with responsibility.

RHEINZINK has the material for great ideas and architects such as Daniel Libeskind, Zaha Hadid, Nicholas Grimshaw – and at the same time has a small footprint. Already today, our sustainable building material titanium zinc has an extremely small CO2 footprint compared to other construction metals. And the next big step has already been taken.

RHEINZINK & carbon reduction

The most sustainable construction zinc in the world.

prePATINA becomes prePATINA ECO ZINC with 50% less CO2

50% less carbon emissions – with prePATINA ECO ZINC, we are taking a big step forward in the reduction of CO2 in the construction industry. Compared to other construction metals, RHEINZINK has long required very little manufacturing energy. With prePATINA ECO ZINC from one of our numerous product lines, we are taking the next step in our sustainability strategy towards decarbonised production. It is the first product in which we use only raw materials that were produced with genuine renewable energies.



In practice mostly 100 years and longer:
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The fusion of sustainability and aesthetics

Factsheet prePATINA ECO ZINC

Sustainable architecture that creates identity.

Sámi Parliament Building, Karasjok, Norway


Standing seam roofing with photovoltaics.

House H, Vienna, Austria



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