Standard small coil products now on Euro pallets

A cooperative relationship and a good exchange with our specialised trade partners has always been our focus. Due to changes in warehouse logistics and high rack systems, many of our trade partners expressed the wish to receive our small coils on Euro pallets (800 x 1200 mm) in the future. Thus, instead of just two one-way pallets, three Euro pallets can now be stored next to each other in the new high racks.

In order to realise this adjustment, we reduce the coil inner diameter from 400 mm to 300 mm, so that 6 small coils can be placed in parallel on one Euro pallet. Due to the changeover, our new packaging unit is 6 coils per pallet as standard. The changeover to the new pallets will take place gradually. The sale of our small coils with an inner diameter of 400 mm has started. As soon as this is completed, you will receive the small coils on the storage-optimised Euro pallets. We have also taken the product changeover with the new packaging unit into account in our 2022 price list and our delivery programme.