Natural materials create living space of time

Integrated design

The “Ethical House”, a detached family house in Solto Collina, just a few minutes away from Lake Iseo, is a great example for integrated design, considering the environment, aesthetics and the community. The use of sustainable materials and the harmonious embedding in the natural context is an innovative approach to construction and habitat.


The project’s concept is based on sustainability principles, which are evident in the careful selection of materials and the understanding of the surrounding nature and climate. The close connection with cyclical nature underlines the ambition to create living space that equally respects people and the environment. The decision to use RHEINZINK prePATINA ECO ZINC shows the commitment to sustainability and environmental protection. Not only does the material offer a high level of durability, but it also develops a natural patina over time, which conceals any surface scratches and allows the building to blend in even more harmoniously and naturally with its surroundings. In this way, the building ages gracefully and is perfectly hugged by nature.

Material mix

The titanium zinc cladding by RHEINZINK in the surface quality prePATINA ECO ZINC blue-grey not only gives the house an aesthetic elegance, but also ensures durability. This material was selected taking into account its current and future ecological impact as well as its integration into the architectural context. Together with the wooden elements, this mixture of materials creates a harmonious balance between tradition and innovation, between organic elements and industrial precision. The wood gives the building warmth and naturalness, while the titanium zinc adds modernity and timelessness.

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The “Ethical House” is characterised by a simple and elegant geometry, with the materials taking up centre stage. The titanium zinc skilfully emphasizes the clear lines of the structure. The natural surface blends seamlessly into the environment. Special attention was paid to the building’s orientation to create a harmonious relationship with the landscape and Lake Iseo.


Small CO2 footprint, 100% recyclable, extremely durable, low-to-no maintenance - 
making it the perfect future building material for sustainable construction.

Photographers: Gabriele Buratti,
schnurstracks gestaltung und Interaktion (Chris Witzani)

Architect: E architetti associati/ Arch. Giovanni Morina e Arch. Paolo Cassone


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