RHEINZINK chimney casing

Benefits of chimney casing with RHEINZINK titanium zinc

  • Durable and maintenance-free protection against the influence of weather Harmonises with many architectural styles Professional roof connections with flexibly malleable RHEINZINK soft zinc

Chimney cladding by RHEINZINK

Harmonious and professional integration of chimneys in the building structure

A few decades ago, fireplaces were typical equipment in many buildings and were either used as a source of heating or for cooking in the kitchen. With the advent of modern heating and cooking methods, the number of fireplaces dropped steadily. Today, however, fireplaces are experiencing a renaissance as an alternative to typical heating systems and as high-end interior fittings. Modern fireplaces and chimney cladding are subject to high standards, but these can be easily fulfilled by using the right materials and partners. When fitting a fireplace, the chimney and chimney cladding are also essential. Chimneys and the chimney cladding form a building structure element that is visible from a distance. They are not only an important design element but must also fulfil technical requirements. Therefore, RHEINZINK supplies chimney casing of the highest quality for your plans and building projects to satisfy any requirements.

Our chimney cladding is produced from high-quality titanium zinc. The initial cost of titanium zinc chimney cladding is a little higher but pays for itself through durability, reliability and low-to-no-maintenance.

Challenges when building fireplaces

A chimney is essential when building a fireplace. Depending on the position of the fireplace, the chimney must necessarily penetrate the roof surfaces of a house and necessitates further measures to adapt the building skin. Without chimney cladding, moisture can cause damage that in turn can cause consequential damage. Our chimney cladding helps planners to meet this challenge most effectively. Our products provide numerous design options without compromising in the slightest on the outstanding advantages and high functionality.

All RHEINZINK chimney casing offers the following benefits:

  • Outstanding protection of the building envelope against weather, high-quality appearance and numerous possible combinations of employed materials
  • Possible applications both for refurbishing old buildings and creating new buildings
  • Roof connections can be constructed using soft zinc that we also supply
  • Chimney cladding is available in the styles of our system solutions, such as double and angled standing seams, tiles, SP-Line and other facade systems
  • Excellent environmental compatibility

Planning concerns were comprehensively addressed during development of our chimney cladding. For planners, it is critical that chimney cladding can be perfectly connected to a roof. This can be achieved with very little effort using our specially developed soft zinc, which significantly reduces the cost.

Roof connections with RHEINZINK soft zinc

Forming roof connections requires flexible and malleable material. RHEINZINK has the lead-free solution: RHEINZINK soft zinc can be used to create attractive and durable connections. Deliverable in sizes suitable for various application in smooth or pleated versions. This environment-friendly construction product can be 100% recycled, can be soldered and has a typical zinc surface finish.

Smooth soft zinc is used to form flashing connections from roof tiles and slates to upright walls. The individual pieces of flashing are formed by hand to fit the respective roofing geometry. They cover the highest point of a tile and ensure that water runs off correctly.

RHEINZINK pleated soft zinc is used on tiles and slates for eaves-side connection of roof penetrations. Around 100 mm of the connection profile is pleated. This makes it easier to adapt the element to perfectly match the respective roof cladding.

The benefits of chimney casing made from titanium zinc

Titanium zinc is a long-lasting material, which means that the long service life of our products is no empty promise. It has already proven how easy it is to use and how exceptionally well it works in countless projects, both large and small.

Our soft zinc is economical to use from planning to completion. Our soft zinc can be flexibly formed, easily soldered or seamed and is easy to transport. As it contains no leaded additives, the material satisfies the highest standards of occupational safety and environmental compatibility.

The RHEINZINK team is always ready to answer your queries. We look forward to hearing from you and hearing your ideas.

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