RHEINZINK snow guard

S-5!® snow system benefits

  • Snow guard rail clad with RHEINZINK Rapid and simple assembly No roof penetrations required

S-5!® snow guard system

Stability for buildings and road safety during heavy snowfall

House owners are responsible for general road safety around their houses in many ways. In theory, this means that they must ensure that inhabitants, users or pedestrians are actively protected from hazards at all times. Along with the obligation to clear snow from paths in winter, a further good example of this is protecting people against falling snow or icicles. The danger posed by falling snow is often underestimated. Some roofs may well be able to withstand large loads of snow and their drainage systems allow melt water to drain away easily. However, under certain circumstances, masses of snow can start to slide and fall off roofs.

The Rooftech S-5!® snow guard system protects people against this hazard and allows house owners to look forward to winter without any concerns. In many places, installing snow guards is actually required by the respective regional building regulations, meaning that they must be fitted on all new buildings. Please read the building regulations to check whether you must insist on installing a snow guard as a planner or architect.

The number of snow guard rows and their attachment method is determined by:

  • Building location (snow load zone)
  • Height of the site above sea level
  • Roof inclination
  • Rafter length/panel length
  • Panel width

RHEINZINK supplies snow guard systems that are visually coordinated to match our other roof and facade systems.

Familiar technology for easy integration

Planners, architects and professional specialists appreciate our systems for many reasons, including their easy handling. For instance, snow guards and other components, e.g. photovoltaic systems, can be attached to standing seam roofs using the same system technology. This greatly reduces the effort of planning and installation without compromising on safety or quality. Your end customers will be convinced and satisfied in the long term.

In regions with frequent, heavy snowfall, snow guard systems not only protect pedestrians and residents. They also protect roof and facade components with the result that they also last for much longer.

RHEINZINK advises you on all questions

Our S5 snow guard system is the ideal complement to our programme and can be used as and where necessary. For planners, this means that you can also count on perfectly matching products being available when you need them.
The RHEINZINK team would be glad to assist and advise you at any time if you have questions concerning our programme. You can contact us by telephone or via email. We look forward to meeting you!

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