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HI:LIFE - Residential Building

HI:LIFE - Residential Building

Aarhus, Denmark


KONstruct ApS


AART architects
Aarhus C


Gunnar Christensen VVS A/S

Technical Specifications

Facade: 6,200 m² 70 t Reveal Panel System

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Student life above the rooftops of Aarhus

As Denmark's second-largest city, Aarhus has a distinctive infrastructure, a wide range of cultural offerings and, with Aarhus University, the largest university in the country. Since 2020, 234 one- to five-bedroom flats in Hi:Life have expanded the range of housing for students. The high-rise residential building is characterised by a modern appearance with a façade made of RHEINZINK-lock seam panels and wooden elements. It has been awarded the "A2015" energy label as a very energy-efficient building and has a large-scale solar collector system covering over 800 m² of roof area. But the roof surface is used for more than just energy generation: Encounter between residents is writ large in the architecture and layout of the apartment block - not only with the central courtyard, but also at height, where roof terraces form another shared space. Situated high above the city, residents here have the opportunity to meet and relax in green surroundings.