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Prague, Czech Republic


MČ Praha 7
Czech Republic

Design Architect

PROARCH s.r.o., Ing. arch. František Prajer,
Ing. Arch. Jiří Vasiluk, CSc
Czech Republic


Abisko s.r.o.
Czech Republic

Technical Specifications

Facade: 390 m² 3 t Double Standing Seam

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An unusual new building was constructed in Prague for its youngest residents. The addition to an ecclesiastic nursery which was barely more than a reinforced concrete structure is surrounded by a large park and residential buildings. The architects wanted to develop something unique for the children. The new structure was meant to be a safe space for its young users while also offering room for creativity and development. The shape of the building is also creative. The corrugated roof transitions into round exterior walls that feature portholes. A total of 3 t of RHEINZINK titanium zinc with the RHEINZINK-prePATINA blue grey surface quality were used with a double standing seam and angle standing seam technique. You can find more information in the project report that can be downloaded on the left.