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Private Apartments Higgovale

Private Apartments Higgovale

Cape Town, South Africa


Field Architecture
Cape Town


Rohde Roofing
Cape Town

Technical Specifications

Facade: 6 t Angled Standing Seam System, Double Standing Seam

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Field Architecture

The Quarry Estate, Cape Town

The Quarry Estate is located in the old Higgovale Quarry in Cape Town and is surrounded by large opulent residences including many dynamic contemporary architectural gems. The estate is surrounded by tall Stone Pine trees with the iconic Table Mountain and Lions Head surrounding the site. Architectural firm, Field Architecture, was inspired to bring the building to life and to give it a contemporary identity.

They were briefed to transform a nondescript 1960's block of flats into a dynamic living environment which forms a central building of Quarry Estate.

In order to increase the accommodation, another floor needed to be added providing an additional suite to each of the eight apartments. A mansard roof was conceptualised as an ideal solution which kept the scale of the building low while bringing a new identity and dynamic form to the building. The rhythm of balconies are carved out of the roof form and provide breath-taking views of Lions Head.

Rheinzink came to mind immediately as the most suitable material which could deliver the seamlessness which the detailing required. The client, Brink Properties, was hugely impressed with the product and is delighted with the end result that was meticulously constructed by Rohde Roofing.

Rheinzink is 99.9% pure zinc, with small traces of copper and titanium and is specifically developed for the building industry because of its long-lasting, durable, low-maintenance and aesthetically pleasing properties.

To complement the national availability of the Rheinzink roofing, facade cladding and water drainage systems, the company’s South African office offers a comprehensive support service, including technical assistance on application technique and specifications for planners and installers.