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Private Residence Srch

Private Residence Srch

Srch, Czech Republic

Design Architect

Atelier Mudruňka
Czech Republic


Klempo Topinka
Czech Republic

Technical Specifications

Roof: 130 m² 0.8 t Double Standing Seam

Facade: 118 m² 1 t Reveal Panel System

Architectural Details: 0.5 t

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A detached home in a municipality near the Czech town of Pardubice became a creative challenge for building owners and architects. Sometimes the building plan which determines exactly how the area of a property may be developed can be an obstacle. But despite all provisions, the building corresponds to the construction laws while also distinguishing itself from the surrounding structures.
One special aspect is that the house is divided along the ridge. The architects moved the two halves apart and connected them with a recessed glassed flat-roof section. For the roof and facade, a total of 248 m² of RHEINZINK titanium zinc with the RHEINZINK-prePATINA surface quality in blue grey were installed. The reveal panel system was used for the facade and the double standing seam system for the roof. You can find additional information in the project report that can be downloaded on the left.