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Private Residential House Welgemoet

Private Residential House Welgemoet

Cape Town, South Africa


VKDB Architects


G Tech Roofing
Cape Town

Technical Specifications

Facade: 1,000 m² 8 t Angled Standing Seam System, Double Standing Seam

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Rheinzink was perfect for a minimalist solution

In the planning of this large scale renovation, one of the main criteria for VKDB Architects, was to use materials that were low maintenance and had longevity. Rheinzink was therefore planned from the initial concept designs.

Situated in the leafy northern suburbs of Cape Town the client required that the building have a similar feel to the existing modernist house and should be contemporary while being sensitive to the surrounding context and beautiful garden.

With the client’s family being keen rock-climbers, a new building which houses a mechanised climbing wall was designed and positioned sensitively amongst the trees in the lush sloping garden. This ‘Solarium’, is a separate, tranquil space that does not intrude on the normal activities of the house.

Rheinzink cladding on the walls allowed the addition of the first floor bedroom design to visually ‘grow’ through the roof. The aim was to minimise the material palette keeping the overall design minimalist.

The excellent craftsmanship of contractors, G-Tech ensured a perfect installation resulting in a high quality end product.

Rheinzink is 99.9% pure zinc, with small traces of copper and titanium. It is specifically developed for the building industry because of its long-lasting, durable, low-maintenance and aesthetically pleasing properties.

To complement the national availability of the Rheinzink roofing, façade cladding and water drainage systems, the company’s South African office offers a comprehensive support service, including technical assistance on application technique and specifications for planners and installers.