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Substation and Grid Base Oerlikon

Substation and Grid Base Oerlikon

Zurich, Switzerland


Elektrizitätswerk der Stadt Zürich

Design Architect

illiz architektur ZT OG, Vienna, Austria
illiz architektur GmbH, Zurich, Switzerland


Ammann & Thürlemann AG

Technical Specifications

Facade: 21 t Surface Design
RHEINZINK-prePATINA graphite-grey

Copyright Images

Roger Frei, Zürich

Is it really impossible to visualise electricity? The new construction of the substation made it happen. The grid base in Zurich-Oerlikon is a brilliant symbiosis of architecture and technology. The iridescent facade complies with safety measures while keeping the high-voltage switching station publicly visible and accessible. The centrepiece of the new construction is a 150 kV high-voltage switching system with an oversized window box that allows it to be viewed from the outside. The walls of the window box are clad with a multimedia mirror installation so that the viewer can be fascinated by the electronic systems. A total of 20.6 t of RHEINZINK titanium zinc with the RHEINZINK prePATINA graphite grey surface quality were used in cassettes. A large part of the cassettes had an openwork design so that the audible and tangible humming of the electricity could be visualised. You can find more information in the project report that can be downloaded on the left.