RHEINZINK roof dormers

Benefits of dormers with RHEINZINK titanium zinc

  • Design upgrade Varied forms (sloped, triangular, rounded, pitched dormers etc.)
  • Use of all RHEINZINK systems such as double or angled standing seams, tile systems, click roll systems, panel systems
  • Professional roof connections with flexibly malleable RHEINZINK soft zinc

Dormers with RHEINZINK: Create high-quality living space

Dormers are a popular solution for creating additional living space in existing properties. Dormers expand living space in attics, let in more sunlight and improve the overall quality of the interiors. Accordingly, installing dormers is attractive both to owners and investors. In new buildings, dormers can be included in plans from the beginning. Dormers can also be added to existing buildings at a later time. The latter option is complex but can nevertheless be achieved cost-effectively. Planners and architects have few boundaries when planning dormers and dormer cladding.

If you use the high-quality products made by RHEINZINK, you can furthermore count on quality in all areas. Individual design options are also provided for, such as professional upgrades and the use of extremely long-lasting zinc dormer cladding.

Features of our dormers

  • Dormers can be used to upgrade entire buildings. At the same time, they create additional living space that owners can either use themselves or rent out profitably
  • Dormer cladding can be adapted to match existing RHEINZINK roof or facade systems to generate a uniform design
  • The many possible combinations mean that the planning options are almost limitless
  • Zinc dormers are an environmentally compatible building product
  • Installation is rapid, professional and long-lasting thanks to our perfectly matching solutions for roof connections using flexible RHEINZINK soft zinc

Our well-engineered system technology enables different architectural details to be perfectly harmonised and ideally combined as required.

Dormers and soft zinc go together

We always recommend using our RHEINZINK soft zinc product for connecting dormers to roof tiles or slates. It is particularly flexible and easy to handle, can be conveniently adapted to even the most awkward spots and also complies with the highest standards of application safety. Using lead-free soft zinc, dormers can be integrated into roof surfaces in a way that prevents moisture, wind and weather from damaging the building structure. Deliverable in sizes suitable for various application in smooth or pleated versions. This environment-friendly construction product can be 100% recycled, can be soldered and has a typical zinc surface finish.

Smooth soft zinc is used to form flashing connections from roof tiles and slates to upright walls. The individual pieces of flashing are formed by hand to fit the respective roofing geometry. They cover the highest point of a tile and ensure that water runs off correctly.

RHEINZINK pleated soft zinc is used on tiles and slates for eaves-side connection of roof penetrations. Around 100 mm of the connection profile is pleated. This makes it easier to adapt the element to perfectly match the respective roof cladding.

Planners and architects also benefit from numerous services only provided by RHEINZINK. We would be delighted to support you in planning, designing and selling our products. Contact us any time to discuss the options without any obligation. We look forward to meeting you!

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